Cyber Security & Secured File Server in a Box

Our system constantly monitor the network for unusual activities and cross-check them against the latest threat.  This allow the system to stay updated and alert us when manual intervention is needed.

The box allow secured isolation of internal network from internet as well as other sub-network.

Remote monitoring and secured access to internal network is provisioned  using fast VPN if needed, without having to open firewall ports.  

Secured File Server

File Server & Immutable Backup

The multi-tier Storage and Backup Solution is designed for fast access while keeping the storage fully encrypted at source. The files are also securely backed up onto immutable storage for added security as well as the added capability for end to end, fully encrypted off-site backup.


The flexible and modular capability allow customer to balance security against running cost.

Wireless Firewall Appliance

Next Generation Wired & Wireless Firewall  

The Firewall appliance enable features typically available on high-end router without the cost.  This is possible due to latest advancement in hardware and software. Some of the key features are:

  •  Multi sub-net for isolation
  • Add-blocker & site filtering
  • Traffic monitoring & blocker
  • Site to site VPN
  • Guest network
  • Bandwith reservation and Quality of Service (QOS)
  • Parental Control